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Kumiko features Kumiko-Ramma Tanihata
57年かけて培った組子のノウハウ 国内外年間300件以上の豊富な納入実績

With a long history of Kumiko production we take pride in high technical capability and quality

In the Toyama area, a high level of home ownership (in the top ten), has given rise to a competitive housing industry that has stimulated the development of our Kumiko craftsmanship. And in this competitive situation, our company has received various awards, the most notable being the Prime Minister's Award at the National Woodworker Exhibition.

Tanihata is the only company that has specialised in Kumiko over half a century. We take pride in the skill and knowledge we have developed over 57 years.
Large size of Kumiko exceeding 3 meter

Production capacity for large Kumiko
and large orders

Besides old style craftsmen's hand tools, modern digital equipment such as seven fully automatic NC radial saws, have been installed, enabling us to process products of many designs. And having a 1,200 square metre plant area provides space for the production of large Kumiko of 3 metres and more, as well as accepting bulk orders in excess of 100 pieces.

In terms of human resources, we have an efficient staff that is organised into groups of highly skilled craftsmen who range in age from 18 to 73 years. Three of the latter received the Prime Minister's Award 40 years ago, and are still working with us. We are ready to receive orders for commercial premises and homes, and artwork, striving to meet delivery dates as required by customers..

We satisfy customer requirements for different types of wood, maintaining a stock of valuable high quality varieties including Kiso Cypress, Jindai Cedar and Akita Cedar, as well as reasonably priced foreign varieties.
fully automatic NC radial saws, 1,200 square metre plant areacraftsmen who range in age from 18 to 73 years
Original Kumiko Design Software provide faster design process
Tokoyo and Kobe Gallery

Variety of designs available including computer assisted designing

We provide consultation with customers and use IT technology including a website, email, movie and digital photos. In addition, our CG design software provides a faster design process for our customers.

In Tokyo and Kobe, we have showrooms where different types of Kumiko are on display and people can touch and appreciate the textures, scents and quality of the products. Kumiko samples are sent to registered vendors on request.
made from natural unpainted wood

Product safety

The basic specification of our products is that they are made from natural unpainted wood. The only adhesive used is the 4-star grade that does not cause indoor pollution. The amount of radioactivity and formaldehyde is accurately measured to confirm that they are within allowable limits, and the strength of Kumiko lattices is tested by public institutions. We ensure that our products are safe for children, the elderly and pets, and that they are long lasting.
our products are safe for children, the elderly and pets, and that they are long lasting

HOME > Kumiko > Kumiko features

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