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How to maintain Kumiko products after your purchase

How to maintain Kumiko products after your purchase

Kumiko Ramma is rarely stained since it is normally placed out of reach of people, but dust can collect between frames and lattices and within the lattice work.

It is recommended that the cleaning instructions given below are followed in order to protect the delicate parts of Kumiko.

We recommend the use of an air blower as the simplest and quickest method of removing dust.

Ways of removing dust:

Air duster(Spray type)
Available at PC shops or stationaries. Price starts from 600 yen per bottle (300ml).

A small machine that can be found at gardening centres or DIY shops, used by gardeners to blow away autumn leaves.It may be possible to rent by the day, or to purchase online at a lower cost. Please refer to

Compressor(air gun type)
As used in corporate buildings. If your company possesses a compressor, you can use it to effectively remove dust.

Blower function on vacuum cleaner
Recent vacuum cleaners have a blower function that can be used to clean dust from Kumiko.

In order to avoid damageing the Kumiko, it is strongly recommended that suction NOT be used to remove dust.
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How to clean the wood surfaces

For products with no colour

If the surface is stained due to handling, wipe it with a wet cloth. However, Kumiko products usually need no cleaning other than dust removal.
Wood cleaner, available from DIY shops, can be used instead of a wet cloth.

Or stain remover, available from DIY shops, can be used.
There are several ways of cleaning stains.
Removing stubborn stains with a plane or sandpaper would be recommended only if the wood has not been exposed to sun for a long time.
Scraping the surface is the least desirable solution for stain removal as the cleaned area will differ in colour..

For products with minor damage

If the wood has been slightly dented, it normally comes back after applying water to the area, thanks to the capacity of natural wood to restore itself. However, this is not the case if the damage is deep.

For products with major damage or detachment of the frame

Kumiko frames rarely get broken, except when subjected to heavy weight or pressure.

If broken pieces of Kumiko are taken out of the frame and sent to us, they will be replaced free of cost. *Note that customers are requested to pay the shipping fee.

In cases of more serious damage, please send a photo of the damaged area. We will contact you after considering the options for repair.

Please feel free to contact us whenever you have a problem.
How to clean the wood surfaces Kumiko Tanihata

HOME > Kumiko > How to maintain Kumiko

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