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日本橋とやま館 富山 はま作 様
Nihonbashi Toyama - Tokyo

  • 日本橋とやま館 組子 立山連峰柄 美術組子


  • 日本橋富山館 組子細工 雨晴らし海岸


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日本橋とやま館 はま作様 富山県アンテナショップ
設計・施工/ 株式会社乃村工藝社様
美術組子 雨晴らし海岸から観る立山連峰

‘Nihonbashi Toyama’ is located right next to the department store ‘Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi’. Our Art Kumiko can be seen at the restaurant in this specialty store promoting Toyama Prefecture.

We are grateful for the many favorable comments visitors have shared with us about our Art Kumiko. We put lots of efforts on depicting waves on Toyama Bay and Tateyama mountain range with just using geometric patterns.

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