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江戸前鮨「服部」 六本木

江戸前寿司 服部 様(六本木)
Edomae Sushi Hattori - Roppongi, Tokyo

  • 天井格子 照明 寿司店


  • 天井格子 照明 鮨



現場名:江戸前寿司  服部 六本木様
空間デザイン/有限会社INVI様  施工/甲斐建設工業様

We have delivered several kumiko ramma to be installed on a ceiling surface of the sushi restaurant, Edomae Sushi Hattori. Kumiko has a great compatibility with lighting, so using kumiko ramma as ceiling light covers is definitely one of the greatest combinations.

Please kindly note that some patterns and sizes of the panels are not suitable when installed horizontally on ceilings. It may loose easily.


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