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月島 O・MO・TE・MA・KI 様
Edomae Temaki-zushi O・MO・TE・MA・KI - Tokyo

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現場名:月島 O・MO・TE・MA・KI 様
空間デザイン/株式会社スーパーマニアック様 施工/株式会社八洲クリエーション様

In the residential area where shita-machi downtown traditional atmosphere remains, a sushi restaurant has challenged to a new genre called “Edomae Temaki-zushi”. “Edomae-zushi” is Nigiri-zushi, which is now well known all over the world. “Temaki-zushi” is self-hand rolled sushi, and known for casual way of fun style of sushi.

The randomly combined thirty-centimeter square pieces of kumiko ramma gives stylish and modern atmosphere to the space.

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