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せんなり亭 心華房 様(滋賀)
Sennaritei Shinkabo - Shiga

  • 彦根にあるステーキ店「せんなり亭 心華房」様<枡あわせ組子>



現場名:せんなり亭 心華房様 (滋賀県)
空間デザイン/フラットデザイン様  施工/株式会社かわな工業様

Omi beef is one of the Japan’s top beef (Wagyu) brands. It was called Hikone Gyu in Edo period. Hikone Gyu had been distributed as a medicine even under the ban on eating beef at that time. “Sennaritei Shinkabo” steak restaurant is located in this Hikone area where the birthplace of Omi beef.

Since the customers enjoy the steak dinner with wine very often, we have designed the Art Kumiko “Pattern Combination” with the concept of a fusion of Japanese tradition and modernity.  

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