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京都御苑 中立売休憩所
Kyoto Gyoen

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現場名/京都御苑 中立売休憩所
空間デザイン/株式会社 KSDN様

Kyoto Gyoen (Kyoto Imperial palace park), where the residences of the Imperial family and court nobles in the Edo period (1603 – 1868), is the national garden. After the transfer of the capital to Tokyo, buildings were removed and Kyoto Gyoen (garden) was established to preserve the Imperial Palace.

9 gates are surrounding Kyoto Gyoen, and one of the famous gates is “Hamaguri-Gomon” gate. A big rebellion against the Tokugawa shogunate was taken place in 1864, and after that event, the gate was named “Hamaguri-Gomon” gate.

Our kumiko ramma have installed at “Nakadachiuri North Rest Area” located very close to this famous “Hamaguri-Gomon” gate. You can take a coffee break at this place, and admire the beautiful Kyoto Gyoen view from there.

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