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ささらや 様 羽田エアポートガーデン店
Sasaraya in Haneda Airport Garden

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ささらや 様 羽田エアポートガーデン店

Hinodeya Seika Sangyo, a manufacturer of rice crackers, asked us to produce a “Kumiko pattern with rice” as a motif. Rice has been familiar to Japanese people since ancient times, but Tanihata had never produced a kumiko design using rice as a motif.
This Kumiko design was created after much thought and consideration by our craftsmen.
The “small rice field” is superimposed inside the large “rice field”. Inside the “rice” character, a Kumiko (a wooden frame) is inserted with the character for “rice”. Although it is a simple Japanese pattern design, the “rice character” was more detailed work than expected and took a long time to produce.

In April 2020, we delivered this product to a store “Sasaraya” in Haneda Airport.

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