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宗禅寺 様(八尾)
Souzenji - Yatsuo

  • 八尾 美術組子


  • 八尾 組子細工


  • 八尾 組子 照明明るい


  • 八尾 美術組子 住職様


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宗禅寺 様
空間デザイン/空ホームデザイン様 施工/下林建具様

Kaze no Bon Festival, one of the most popular festivals in Toyama Prefecture, is held in Yatsuo, a town with many hills.
We delivered Kumiko to Sozenji Temple, the origin of the name of one of the slopes, Zenji-zaka.

Like clouds in the sky
Like water flowing down a river
Without attachment
To live freely and unaffected
Letting nature take its course.

Based on the concept of Kumiko given by the priest, TANIHATA proposed a Kumiko design, and created a quiet and moving Kumiko with the image of “Kaze no Bon Festival,” a lustrous and sorrowful dance.

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