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電光石火 銀座店 様
Denko-Sekka - Ginza

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現場名/電光石火FUNDES 銀座新装工事
設計者/フタバ一級建築士事務所 大川裕之様
施工会社/株式会社プント エ リネア 早坂賢之様

組子デザイン / 麻の葉ちらし ちぎれ雲 TCタイプ

Denko sekka”, an okonomiyaki restaurant that boasts strong popularity in Hiroshima, opened its second Tokyo branch in Ginza.

We delivered TANIHATA’s original Kumiko “Asanohachirashi Chigire-gumo”. The design of “Chigire-gumo” is based on the image of sunlight hitting after a cloud running away.
The interior of the restaurant has a profound sense of dignity and serenity.

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