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酒蔵 様(ニューヨーク)
Sakagura - NY

  • Sakagura(酒蔵)ニューヨーク 組子細工


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現場名 / Sakagura(酒蔵)様(アメリカ ニューヨーク)
設計 / station design,inc.様  施工 / Sho Interior Creates Inc.様
組子文様 / 麻の葉ちらし 木もれ日 TAタイプ 、美術組子 抽象タイプ

The NYC restaurant has been operating in Midtown,
New York for over 30 years,and due to it’s location in an office building,
it has long been popular with locals as a hidden Japanese restaurant
for New York businessmen.

The beauty of Kumiko is combined with warm lighting to create
a modern Japanese space in which guests can feel comfortable.

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