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A Houston Penthouse 様(ヒューストン)
A Houston Penthouse

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現場名/ A Houston Penthouse 様(ヒューストン)
設計 / 212 box 様 撮影 / Nick Rochowski 様

212box, a design firm with offices in Manhattan, New York, has provided diverse architectural and design projects around the world.
Seven years ago, Mr. Eric Cluff, the founder of 212box, came to TANIHATA and asked us to produce a new type of 3D Kumiko, which we had never seen before.

The Kumiko was installed in a luxurious penthouse in Houston, U.S.A. We produced two types of Kumiko with Kakuma patterns, one in a valley shape and the other in a mountain shape, and assembled them together and installed them.

In addition toTANIHATA kumiko, the project features works by more than 50 artists from around the world, including sculptors, furniture makers, painters, and ceramicists.

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