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鎌倉パスタ ヨドバシ仙台店 様
Kamakura Pasta

  • 鎌倉パスタ タニハタ 組子細工


  • タニハタ 組子 鎌倉パスタ


  • 3


現場名/鎌倉パスタ ヨドバシ仙台店様 新装工事
設計/㈱クライマックス様   施工/㈱秀建築デザイン様

“Kamakura Pasta” serves pasta with a special attention to detail in a chic and relaxing space with a “Japanese” theme. They have nearly 200 stores nationwide, and TANIHATA has supplied Kumiko to 33 of them in the past.

This time, we delivered Kumiko work to “Kamakura Pasta Yodobashi Sendai” which opened in Sendai. Kumiko with a “hemp leaf pattern” was used to evoke the splendor of the Sendai Tanabata Festival, a traditional Sendai summer festival dating back to the reign of Date Masamune, the feudal lord of Sendai.

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