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叙々苑 様 金沢店
Jojoen Kanazawa

  • 叙々苑 金沢店 麻の葉



現場名/叙々苑 金沢店
空間デザイン/有限会社グラヴィータ様 施工/株式会社クリア様
組子文様/麻の葉 大柄組子

Kanazawa is a leading tourist city since Hokuriku Shinkansen bullet train started to run between Kanazawa and Tokyo in 2015. We have delivered large-patterned Asanoha motif kumiko ramma to “Jyojyo-en” the high-class Japanese BBQ restaurant.

The large-patterned Asanoha motif put an accent on traditional Japanese style to the space. Other than our kumiko ramma, Wjima-nuri*1 tables are placed, so you can enjoy Hokuriku*2 region’s representative craftsmanship at the restaurant as well.

*1 Wajima-nuri is a exemplary traditional craft of Japan, which is a type of Japanese lacquerware.
*2 Hokuriku is the region located northwestern part of the main island of Japan.

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