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長岡小嶋屋 様 CoCoLo新潟店
Nagaoka Kojimaya CoCoLo Niigata-ten

  • 長岡小嶋屋 CoCoLo新潟店 絵語り組子


  • 組子細工 花火柄 工場撮影


  • 新潟駅 花火柄 組子


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長岡小嶋屋 CoCoLo新潟店現場名/JR新潟駅 長岡小嶋屋
空間デザイン/株式会社エスデザインワークス様 施工/株式会社CSコーポレイション様
絵語り組子 – Egatari

Nagaoka City in Niigata Prefecture is well known for one of Japan’s leading fireworks show “The Nagaoka Festival Grand Fireworks Show”. This such a fun and exciting event has actually been developed in hope of the memorial for the people who died in the Nagaoka raids and recovery from the war.

Our Art Kumiko has installed at the soba restaurant “Nagaoka Kojimaya” located right in front of the bullet train ticket gates at JR Niigata Station. We have designed this by imaging a colorful firework illuminating the sky with wishing the people who died in the raids will find peace of mind.

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