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ならまち茶寮 醉月 様(奈良)
Naramachi Saryo Suigetsu Nara

  • ならまち茶寮 醉月 住宅用らんま 市松


  • 腰角麻入り引き戸 障子戸


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現場名:ならまち茶寮 醉月様
企画設計/株式会社ステージツー 様
組子文様/市松 腰角麻入り引き戸等

Naramachi Saryo Suigetsu is a Kaiseki cuisine restaurant. They have originally started in Kyoto,and has been in business for over 100 years.

Kaiseki cuisine is a traditional Japanese multi-course meal. The goal of Kaiseki is to express the spirit of the tea ceremony, the essence of ‘wabi-sabi’, therefore it significantly connects to Kumiko spirit as well.

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